Walk Around the Moon — Dave Matthews

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Walk Around the Moon — Dave Matthews BandAs the final act of summer’s seasonal sweat soiree begins, the air is thick with the revving engines of returning routine and grind. Smells of new backpacks start filling the air, and the soundtrack of life transitions from beach mix-tapes into backyard sultry sounds.

The latest release by the Dave Matthews Band, Walk Around the Moon, is the perfect mist pump of evening tunes to drip us into August. With signature layers of mellow grooves and punchy hooks, the album is steeped in a classic DMB vibe with some welcomed departures of sound and attitude.

For diehard fans, this album will fly perfectly under the radar of commercial fanfare into a cult classic. For those discovering DMB for the first time, it’s a glimpse of what it felt like in the early ’90s to stumble onto Matthews’ genius ensemble of riffs, picks, brass and poetry.

There are many highlights, but the chords of pure awesome can be plucked from the weightless bounce of “Monsters” and soul-fire of “After Everything” to the neck-popping groove of “The Only Thing” and raw funk of the album’s title track.

Dave Matthews has a knack for connecting galactic-sized arrangements with raw, relatable charm, all launched in a capsule of atmospheric awesome. Take a walk around the moon, shall you?

– Chris Rucker