Gatherings by America’s Test Kitchen

Literary Loop

Gatherings by America's Test KitchenToss out old rules of getting together and throw a dinner party so memorable and fuss-free that everyone will want to repeat it — even the host.

That’s the idea behind this newest release from America’s Test Kitchen, their first book focused on cooking for crowds and entertaining.

In Gatherings, the cooks are shaking up the notion of what a dinner party is all about, stepping away from the test kitchen to reveal their favorite ways to entertain friends and family at home and sharing a new collection of personal recipes.

After all, professional cooks want to chill out when hosting at home, just like everyone else.

The book is packed with recipes and menu ideas, and the cooks share game plans to achieve each menu, pro tips, secret kitchen weapons and advice on shopping, make ahead, setup and serving — all the logistical info for a fun, hitch-free gathering.

Readers also will learn favorite store-bought hacks for pulling together pre-dinner nibbles (and desserts), for planning drink selection and quantities and for responding creatively when asked, “What can I bring?”

“This comprehensive guide is packed with delicious recipes and fun menu ideas, but its unique draw is the personal narrative and knowledge-sharing of each chef,” says Booklist.