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JoAnn Herbert has spent her entire career in business, both as a banking executive and now working in the family business: Herbert Homes Inc. and with the property development division of Herbert Homes.

She began in banking as a teller, and through hard work and determination, retired from Bank of America as a Vice President. Throughout her career she has been involved in growing leadership opportunities for women in business. She currently serves as a mentor for Young Women on the Way with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, and in 2020, was named Business Woman of the Year by the Chamber.

For the last 20 years, JoAnn has served on numerous charitable boards, including local, state and nationally recognized nonprofit organizations. Currently, she serves as the chairwoman of Women in Philanthropy of the CSRA, an organization dedicated to awarding grants and making positive changes in the lives of women and children in the area.

“Our hope is that through our grant awards we can give hope for the future to many women and children in our area,” says JoAnn. “To date, our organization has funded grant requests for over 1.5 million dollars.” 

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