Benderdinker 2015 Augusta Georgia
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’Round the Bend

Pull out your kayak, canoe or paddleboard for the fourth annual Benderdinker at Betty’s Branch in Evans. This year the  read more »
Green Thumbs Up
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Green Thumbs Up

It wouldn’t be spring without the annual Sacred Heart Garden Festival, and the annual event once again will feature growing  read more »
The Patriot Threat by Steve Berry Lit-Loop April-2015
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The Patriot Threat ...

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution is why Americans pay income taxes. But what if there were problems associated with  read more »
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Allan Barrett Own...

Number of years in position: 8 Family: Wife – Kathy; children – Leslie, Lan, Caroline; grandchildren – Dawson, Barrett, Evan,  read more »
Wild Animals — Trampled by Turtles Listen-to-This
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Wild Animals — Tram...

Raucous and reckless stringed ingredients flailing and picking with wild abandon — a fitting description for the Minnesota testudines, Trampled  read more »
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Wily Coyotes

Wildlife and small pets are not always a good mix, and residents should take caution from recent coyote sightings in  read more »