3 Feet High and Rising — De La Soul

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HIP HOP MUSICIn 1989 the world of hip-hop was introduced to three innovative poets: Posdnuos, P.A. Mase and the late Trugoy the Dove. Collectively known as De La Soul, this trio of rhyme cultivators and loop crafters invented a style that changed the hip-hop landscape and brought a fresh perspective to rap music with new depth, range and creative way of speak.

Nearly 34 years have passed since the release of De La’s debut masterpiece, 3 Feet High and Rising, a 24-tracked sing-along storybook hailed as a hip-hop milestone that bridged the genre gap and welcomed an increasing mass of crossover fans.

After the rise of digital and streaming music outlets, De La was plagued with record label woes and a long-running fight to release their music due to sampling rights.

Yet, after nearly a generation of trudging and budging, the day has come where 3 Feet High and Rising is hitting the stream and re-introducing the De La genius to new audiences and those who have been wishing upon a star to regain access to the wonderful world of the Soul.

The album is packed with gems like “Pot Holes In My Lawn” and “Me, Myself, and I” that put the good mood in the groove.

As we head into this season of daisies and love, may De La Soul be a “spring” board into a new age of warmer days.

– Chris Rucker