Magnet Factory — Pylon Reenactment Society

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Magnet FactoryA concoction of sonic fizz and Southern mystique always is brewing in the music laboratories of Athens, Georgia – a scene that has pioneered legends like R.E.M., Widespread Panic, the B-52s and Pylon Reenactment Society.

Pylon’s latest album, Magnet Factory, is a testament to the awesomeness that bridges past and present with a kaleidoscope of sound and emotion. Original member Vanessa Briscoe Hay is the vocal thunder and driving creative force behind its undeniable energy and appeal.

Her lyrics are at once poetic and deeply introspective, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences and drawing them into a world where boundaries between reality and imagination blur.

Tracks like “3X3” and “Flowers Everywhere” showcase the band’s ability to create atmosphere and tension, while “Spiral” and “I’ll Let You Know” offer moments of intimacy and mystery.

But perhaps the true genius of Magnet Factory lies in its ability to surprise and delight at every turn. Just when you think you have the band figured out, they throw a curveball like “No Worries” or the uber catchy “Fix It,” which features the equally legendary Kate Pierson of the B52’s leaving you breathless and hungry for more.

Pylon dares to be different and has created a masterpiece that defies easy categorization. Let yourself be swept away this spring by the magnetic pull of Southern charm and creative energy — and, of course, pimento cheese sandwiches.

– Chris Rucker