A La Sala by Khruangbin

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As the sun feels closer and the heat feels hotter, summer makes a collect call from sweet destinations. Whether it’s a backyard sprinkler or a sandy shore, we are invited to soak up the vibe. And whether you are on the road or lounging around, A La Sala (translation: To the Room), the latest cosmic creation by the smooth-groove Houston funk-rock trio Khruangbin, is a must-have in the sonic solstice cooler.

Pouring an auditory cocktail into a universe where groove and gravity skip hand in hand, Khruangbin’s trademark blend of blues, funk, surf and lo-fi rock delivers a variety of flavors that are as cool as they are clever. From the moment the needle drops, you’re whisked away on a journey that defies both time and space.

Tracks like the colorful sunset-jam “Fifteen Forty-Three” or the cabana-clopping “Hold Me Up (Thank You)” bring rhythms braided in a Duane Eddy twang that are equal parts intricate and irresistible. The album’s simplistic yet exotically complex layers drop a refreshing loop of fruity-sweet gems that reflect like sun on the water and crash with soothing waves of expanding reverberations.

This is an all-inclusive acoustical resort, where you can lose yourself and float down the lazy river of auditory delight. So put on your shades, turn up the volume, toss your cares in a cooler of Khruangbin and let the vibes take you away.

– Chris Rucker