III — Paul McCartney

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If one thing is for certain during the uncertain, Paul McCartney is a masterful legend who has an uncanny and timeless knack for making everything feel all is right.

His latest album, III, proves that age is anything but a number and there is no mistaking real genius.

As most of the releases in recent times, III is a direct product of the DIY approach to recording while under lockdown, which is where Sir Paul finds an endless landscape of sonic creativity.

The first track, “Long Tailed Winter Bird,” is a five-minute instrumental jam of gentle finger-picking dropkick distortion, which kindly evades the recesses of the brain that can’t stop replaying.

The vastness of style that permeates from track to track is a fantastic voyage of revolution-style rock that springboards into yesterday-esque folk and surprising experimental swirls of industrial meets British invasion.

Out of his previous 25 studio recordings, III serves as an extra member of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and stepbrother to his sophomore masterpiece, Ram.

If there ever has been a time to dive into McCartney’s discography, it is now. At 78 years of age, you don’t have to roll the dice when there is still plenty of gas in the tank.

– Chris Rucker