Thanks Y’all (Live) — Futurebirds

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Futurebirds Athens, GeorgiaIf you kick off the New Year with a fat plate of collard greens, hoppin’ John, black-eyed peas and cornbread for good fortune, there’s no finer feast to add for the ears than a heaping dollop of Futurebirds blasting on the hi-fi.

The sons of Athens, Georgia, along with legendary guitarist/producer Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket fame, recorded a 22-track compilation for their brand new release …Thanks Y’all (Live).

This is not just a live album — it’s a sonic buffet that brings the heat and brims with flavorful energy and flawless presentation.

The album’s first course opens with a couple of delicious bites. The ramble-trippin’ “All Damn Night” and The Beach Boys-esque “Sedan Man” serve up tantalizing blends of Futurebirds’ signature harmonies topped with Broemel’s genius.

Make sure to pace yourself as each song piles on more and more goodness but don’t forget to save room for the crispy double-fried sing-a-long staples “Rodeo” and “College Try.” Not to worry though — the simmering stir of “Carried Away” offers up a slight reprieve before creeping into a bombastic solo that unbuckles the belt for the sax-laden second helping of “Olive Garden Daydream #4.”

Futurebirds’ vocal recipe, coupled with Broemel’s shredded seven-layer brassarole, creates a chef’s-kiss level of satisfaction that warms the soul throughout the entire record.

The production of these live performances is exquisite, where every detail is impeccable, allowing each phonic flavor to hit all the senses. Consume this record standing up and enjoy each tune topped with Futurebirds jam and Broemel-ized licks.

The longer it simmers, the better it sounds, so serve it up hot, re-heat it often, don’t forget your manners, and have a prosperous and happy New Year.

…Thanks y’all!

– Chris Rucker