Smothered With Love


Valentine’s Day fun will steal your heart at Waffle HouseQuirky Valentine’s Day fun will steal your heart at Waffle House.

No need to wear your heart on your sleeve on Valentine’s Day. Break out your red cowboy boots or your red plaid three-piece suit, instead, and consider celebrating the holiday scattered, smothered and covered-style at a Waffle House.

On February 14 select Waffle Houses nationwide treat guests to a special Valentine’s Day dinner experience, and participating restaurants in the area this year include the Waffle House on Davis Road in Martinez.

“It’s not just for couples. It’s for families. It’s for singles who want to be with their friends,” says Njeri Boss, Waffle House vice president of food safety and public relations. “It’s for anyone who loves Valentine’s Day and wants to do something special that only happens once a year.”

Cupid has a booth waiting for you – as long as you make reservations – at participating locations from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

“Reservations are required because not every restaurant participates, and space fills up quickly at the ones that do,” Boss says.

The familiar yellow sign outside beckons customers to comfort food inside, where red, white and pink decorations set a festive mood and guests just might be playing Elvis love songs on the jukebox.

It’s not only the décor that’s different on Valentine’s Day, though. For those whose love language is T-bones, pork chops or grilled chicken, Waffle House offers a special menu for the occasion.

Guests also can order the usual fare, so traditionalists who are sweet on waffles, hash browns, Patty Melts or steak and eggs are covered as well (but we say put yourself out there and give one of the specials a whirl).

The tradition began 16 years ago at a Johns Creek, Georgia location after the manager noticed that a group of customers dined there two or three years in a row on Valentine’s Day.

“When we have a great idea that comes from out in the field, we love to share it with everybody else,” says Boss. “Our associates get into it. They get so excited about it.”

To make Valentine’s Day reservations at the Davis Road location, call Sara at (706) 627-2569. To find other area Waffle Houses that might be participating, visit