Take a Hike


The BombasinOutdoor fun is afoot on a collection of Columbia County trails.

Columbia County has always been a great place to enjoy outdoor recreation, but now it’s even better with the launch of the Bombasin Land Trail.

The Bombasin is a collection of eight land trails on the sub-basins of the Savannah River, and the scenic routes are ideal for biking, hiking, walking or running. They include:

Bartram Trail
Level: All
Length: 22.5 miles
Activities: Backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, running, walking, camping

Lake Springs Loop
Level: Beginner
Length: 3 miles
Activities: Camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, running, walking

Keg Creek Loop
Level: Advanced
Length: 9 miles
Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, running, walking

Rock Dam Trail
Level: Advanced
Length: 6.25 miles
Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, running, walking

Blanchard Woods Cross Country Trail
Level: All
Length: 2.8 miles
Activities: Biking, hiking, mountain biking, running, walking

Augusta Canal Tow Path
Level: All
Length: 7.85 miles
Activities: Biking, fishing, mountain biking, walking

Euchee Creek Greenway
Level: All
Length: 8 miles
Activities: Biking, hiking, running, walking

Evans To Locks Multi-Use Trail
Level: All
Length: 6 miles
Activities: Biking, walking, wheelchair accessible

Like the Serene18 Paddle Trail, this land trail system, which offers views ranging from scenic forests to urban landscapes, was developed to attract visitors to Columbia County. Of course, the trails are great for residents, too, whether they’re looking for solitude or family time.

For more information or a free guide, visit BombasinTrail.com.