Hyperspace — Beck

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Welcome to 2020. While the reality of highly anticipated dream-worlds of flying in cars and beaming ourselves from planet to planet are still on the distant horizon, at least we have new music that reflects the predicted signs of the time.

Way back in 1994, Beck Hansen exploded onto the scene with the pop-locking, laptop-folk release Mellow Gold, a mixtape of seemingly random tracks that explored the uncharted realms of creative riffing with alien beats and word-code. Little did we know, Beck was embarking on a mission 26 years in the making.

Through his career, he has continued to dazzle and confuse, all while preparing us for the future of modern music. With his latest release, appropriately titled Hyperspace, we find that Beck has seen the future and we are just now catching up. Hyperspace is a technicolor masterpiece that melds an analog VHS chillwave vibe with unexpected breaks and tempos that fit perfectly into a melancholy stratosphere of emotion and curiosity.

Beck’s vocal range has matured beyond his years, and Hyperspace is a refreshing soundtrack to begin the year, confirming that modern music has real depth. As far as our futuristic expectations go, at least we have great music and shoes that will tie themselves. Cheers to the new year!


– Chris Rucker