Isn’t That Sweet — Big Sleep

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Big Sleep AlbumAs the fickle remnants of winter thaw, we march into a hibernation-free season of anticipation. The madness of shaking off chilly brrrs spurs all the right vibes for a soundtrack of warm, lush, good-mood food for the soul. The perfect pub-a-licious feast for the ears comes from the Dublin-based four-leafed fantastical band, Big Sleep.

Big Sleep’s latest album, Isn’t That Sweet, is a sugary symphony of blarney bliss that chases the indie rock rainbow for a pot of sonic gold. Bursting with infectious flavors, melodies, heartfelt lyrics and irresistible hooks, it brews a unique and contagious charm for an instant buzz of tabletop taps and soul claps.

From the start, it’s crystal clear that Big Sleep is banging and mashing on all cylinders with its buttery rhythm and frothy riffs that make you want to lock arms and raise a glass.

With the waltzy wonder of the album’s opener “Easy,” the tone flows into an ever-green river of sweet glides and punchy strides. Songs like the jazzy swing jam “Fingerlickin’ Goodness,” the brawny stomp of “Maccy Ds” and the dreamy-gaze of “All the Pretty Things” make for a magically delicious bowl of tunes.

With leprechauns, parades and Irish celebrations on tap, Big Sleep is a grand marshal that delivers an Irish spring of awesome. Isn’t that sweet?

– Chris Rucker