Kick — INXS

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poet Michael HutchenceThe beauty and mysterious allure of music is often discovered and rediscovered through a sonic vortex that stirs emotions, preserves time and evokes a passionate connection to personal experiences. Memories are forever time capsuled and new ones created. As we float through the tunnel of winter, a pitstop in the music vault of love is the perfect remedy for thawing the soul.

In 1987, the Aussie quintette INXS dropped their love boat-sized iconic album, Kick. While this may not be your typical Valentine’s Day spin, Kick is a magnetic rhythm machine with sensual undertones that makes it the perfect soundtrack for stringing the bow for Cupid’s arrows.

From the jump, it is an energetic and somewhat rebellious record with the punchy “Guns in the Sky,” but the mood swerves swiftly to the sultry and seductive classic, “Need You Tonight,” and the electric bouquet of rock, “Never Tear Us Apart.” An assorted box of funk, pop and orchestral-waltz vibes ignites the flames of desire.

The late, great pop-poet Michael Hutchence croons with warm charismatic swagger to make Kick an unforgettable soundtrack for this season of love, romance and ear-candy. The rolling love sonic-coaster delivers the perfect loops, hooks and speed to make the heart race, emotions jump and head spin.

Let INXS Kick-start the jams and “Mystify” your love journey with a stirring “New Sensation.”

– Chris Rucker