Vulfnik by Vulfmon

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 Vulfnik by VulfmonIn the season of mixtapes and go-to road trip playlists, a new album to throw on the summer fire is Vulfnik by Vulfmon.

As the swirl of summertime is in full effect and the sun is in full-on-blaze mode, multi-instrumentalist Jack Stratton, aka Vulfmon — lead blastermind of the acclaimed quartet Vulfpeck — cannonball splashes his genius into a lush pool of pop-funk and catchy hooks that drench the ears and refresh the soul.

With a signature blend of eclectic vibes and gravelly vocals, this 10-track ear-hydration station of funky, quirky and infectious grooves churns out a sonic slushy of flavorful genius just in time for the boiling point of the season.

Catchy tunes like TikTok-ready “I Can’t Party,” soul-shining “Lord Will Make a Way,” Emo funk-fused “Nice To You” and yip-jumpy “Bonnie Wait” are right on-brand for Stratton, and, much anticipated by Vulfpeck fans, are being released successively, one week at a time via the Vulf substack.

As this summer cranks out the heat, crank up Vulfnik to volume 11 and keep it cooler than cool.

– Chris Rucker